Add 'Em Up is a game played for a car in which the numbers in its price total a certain number.


  • To win the car, the contestant had to select the four digits in the price of the car from the digits 0-9, each of which could appear in the price only once (similar in concept to the pricing game Any Number).
  • To begin the game, the contestant was offered one digit for free. They selected a position in the price, and that digit was lit up on a display above the car. To aid the contestant, the sum of the digits in the price was shown on a game board, along with cards for each digit. The card representing the free digit was moved to the top of the addition column above the sum.
  • The contestant then guessed one of the remaining digits they believed was in the price of the car. If they were correct, the number was lit up above the car, and the card was moved to the addition column. A subtotal of the first two numbers was then lit up to help the contestant determine the total of the remaining digits. Another subtotal would be displayed under the third digit if the contestant guessed it correctly.
  • The contestant was allowed to guess one digit that was not in the price and play on; however, if he/she missed twice, the game was over.


  • The price display that stood behind the car was shared with the pricing game Pathfinder, which still uses it today. Originally, the name of the game was shown above the car's price display, which was removed on March 31, 1987 (#6442D), one week before Pathfinder debuted.
  • It is the first pricing game to premiere since Rod Roddy became permanent announcer.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 19.
  • This pricing game was similar to Gridlock! which would premiere 31 years later. Because of this, you can miss once before you're out.
  • Add 'Em Up's game board was in the shape of a giant plus sign.


  • This game can't be played with just any prize. It has to be a prize that has no repeating numbers.


  • The reason often given for the game's retirement is its confusing rules for many contestants, which caused the game to take too long to play, and a somewhat low win rate. Another reason is the wins are anti-climatic when a contestant is down to the last digit to equal the total. Finally, a possible explanation was the decreasing availability of attractive cars priced under $10,000. (Add 'Em Up was always played for cars with four digits in the price and was the last car game to be incompatible with five-digit cars.)


Premiere Playing (September 11, 1986, #6174D)Edit

First Add 'em Up Winner (September 19, 1986, #6185D)Edit

Add 'em Up for a Subaru Brat (September 29, 1986, #6201D)Edit

Add 'em Up for a Pontiac Sunbird SE Coupe (January 6, 1987, #6322D)Edit

Add 'em Up for a Dodge Shadow Coupe (July 1, 1988, #6935D)Edit

From September 15, 1988 (#6944D)Edit

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