Bullseye is a Grocery Game-like grocery product pricing game where instead of multiple products, the contestant has to use one product to meet a certain goal and hit the bullseye.


  • The centerpiece of Bullseye is a game board which contains an Archery-style target with rings ranging from $2 to $12, and five grocery items. The contestant must select a grocery item and decide what multiple of that item's price will total between $10-$12, which is the range of the target's bullseye. The price is revealed and multiplied by the contestant's guess, and if the total "hits the bullseye" range, the contestant automatically wins a prize.
  • If the total is less than $2 or greater than $12, the contestant "misses the target" and the grocery item is out of play. If the total is between $2 and $10, the host places a marker for the appropriate item on the appropriate spot on the target. The contestant does this three times. If after three shots the bullseye is still not hit, the products with which the contestant hit the target with markers are revealed a second time. One of the five products has a "hidden bullseye". If this is revealed, the contestant also wins the game. The other four contain the word "SORRY" and finding only these loses the game. If all three of the contestant's picks of the grocery items had their totals, not in the range of $2-$12, the contestant immediately loses.
  • While the game is similar to Grocery Game, each item is played separately and the totals are not accumulative. Some contestants have gotten the two names mixed up; an example of one is seen below.
  • When Bob Barker hosted, he only placed markers if the totals hit the target but not the bullseye; Drew Carey places markers for all hits, including the bullseye.


  • Bullseye was the first pricing game to premiere with the same name as a previously retired pricing game. The second was Balance Game (2).
  • The original range was $5-10 with a $9-10 "bullseye". After the 11th playing, on November 11, 1976 (#2114D), it was changed to a $1-6 range with a $5-6 "bullseye", where it remained until February 3, 1989 (#7135D).
  • During early playings of Bullseye, the contestant could only win via the "hidden bullseye" card using the marker closest to the bullseye. This rule was changed to having any product that hit the target win with the "hidden bullseye" card soon after the game debuted, likely by November 11, 1976 (#2114D).
  • On the Best of 2017 special aired on December 29, 2017 (#8145K), Bullseye unveiled an all-new look. The setup was modernized, and instead of manually having cards to reveal the prices and the hidden bullseye/SORRY, electronic touchscreen displays are used for these, hitting them to reveal. The hidden bullseye also has a graphic of the Bullseye logo on it. Likewise, an electronic display to display the total has been used to replace the egg-crate display. The previously used round markers with the items' names placed on the target for each product have been replaced by markers resembling darts (or small arrows, in Drew's words) with suction cups on the end to make them stick to the target; these too have the items' names. Additional arrows are placed next to the game's logo for display. Unlike the original set-up, the prices of the unused products are not revealed when revealing the location of the "hidden bullseye". Originally, the logo was white; but it has changed back to green on April 19, 2018 (#8304K).
  • On January 12 (#8165K, aired out of order on March 9) and March 23, 2018 (#8265K, see below on what happened on that playing), Bullseye's old set was used, as these episodes were taped out of order.
  • On March 9, 2018 (#8245K, aired out of order on January 12) during Publishers Clearing House week, contestant Sara Hildenbrand won a $20,000 bonus for being the first contestant to win a pricing game. It was played in the second slot.
  • On March 23, 2018, (#8265K), during Price's "Youth Week," a college contestant named Gabriel Garcia played Bullseye for $15,000, and won.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 45.


  • This game cannot use just any grocery items; it has to be grocery items that are factors of values between $10-$12. (e.g $2.49, $4.29 cannot be used)

Foreign VersionsEdit

  • On Italy's OK!, the game was called CENTRO, (literally meaning "Center") and the range to win was ₤68,000-₤73,000.
  • On Mexico's Atínale al Precio, it was called "Dale al Centro" (literally meaning "Hit the Center"), with the range at $12-24 (with a $22-$24 bullseye); although any value below $12 can also fall into that range.


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