Coming or Going is a game where you have a 50/50 chance to win a four-digit prize by having the numbers come towards you or go away from you.


  • In this game, the contestant sees a base number on a teeter-totter. Behind it are three other numbers which make up the price of a prize. The price of the prize can go either one of two ways: "Coming," pulling the teeter-totter to the left or "Going," pulling the teeter-totter to the right. Pulling it the right way wins the prize.


  • On October 9, 2003 (#2624K), exactly one week after its premiere, the game was first won on its second playing.
  • Coming or Going is the last pricing game to premiere prior to Rod Roddy's death.
  • Coming or Going was won three times on the primetime version of the show. It happened on the December 18, 2003 (#013SP, Bob's Birthday Party), May 22, 2004 (#018SP, Hall of Fame) and April 9, 2005 (#019SP, aired out of order on April 16) Million Dollar Spectaculars.
  • From October 2, 2003 (#2614K) to May 19, 2010 (#5173K), only the bell would sound if the player made the right decision. A buzzer sounds if the player chose incorrectly.
  • On June 8, 2010 (#5202K), a split screen was introduced to indicate if the contestant won or lost by having one of the prize models show the actual retail price of the grand prize.
  • On September 24, 2015 (#7214K), the thin silver metal holders that are used to keep the numbers in place were added.


  • When the game started out, there was no reveal, just a simple sound effect.
  • As of June 8, 2010 (#5202K), a model held a card with the right price on it and flipped over after the decision was made. However, the game was originally going to be called Coming & Going, with a price reveal, but it changed before taping.
  • There has never been any prize whose last number is a "0".
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 34.
  • Coming or Going was the last pricing game to debut on the turntable until Vend-O-Price.
  • Former host Bob Barker would often say about the game, "In order to win, you (the contestant) just need to know whether you're coming or going."


Premiere Playing (October 2, 2003, #2614K)Edit

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