Cover Story: All Access Pass - The Price is Right was a documentary that has a look on how contestants are picked along with getting to know the announcer and behind the scenes.


Andy Barnett


GSN/Game Show Network

Premiere DateEdit

June 17, 2018


This episode featuring a tour of the prize warehouse, bloopers, Drew Carey discussed Bob Barker's legacy and where co-producer Stan Blits talks about choosing contestants.


Drew Carey
George Gray
Mike Richards
Amber Lancaster
Rachel Reynolds
Manuela Arbeláez
James O'Halloran

Also FeaturingEdit

Joan Andrews
Stan Blits
Rholanda Jackson
Sue Maclntyre
Eric Mills
Brooklyn Ratliff
Yahaira "Yadda" Ray
Adam Sandler (producer and director)
Evelyn Warfel


This episode was rated TV-PG but there was very little swearing as it should've been rated TV-G.

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