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Credit Card is the pricing game where the contestant tried not to exceed his/her credit limit and win five prizes, each worth between $200 and $3,000.


  • The contestant is presented with a large credit card, which is inserted into an ATM, which then displays a "credit limit" (usually between $1,500-$3,500). The player must select three prizes whose prices total below the credit limit to win all five prizes. The prizes are selected one at a time, and the price is deducted from the credit limit after each selection.
  • Credit Card is the logical antithesis of Shopping Spree, as the object is to spend at most the given amount. Furthermore, the credit limit is selected such that the simplified objective of the game is to choose the three cheapest prizes (whereas in Shopping Spree, the goal is to choose the most expensive prizes). Apart from their opposing goals and the fact that Shopping Spree uses four prizes to Credit Card's five, the games are played the same way.
  • In the event of a loss (when the contestant goes over the credit limit), three yellow markers pop up above the three correct prizes; on occasion, bloopers have occurred when all five markers raised upward. Originally, the correct markers were gray, and the wrong markers had the red word "NO" on a white background as well.


  • Credit Card debuted on December 7, 1987 (#6681D), and was lost on that playing.
  • The credit card prop that is inserted into the set is a piece of cardboard and thus serves no technical purpose for displaying the credit limit (as seen on one Carey episode when he asked for the credit limit before inserting the card).
  • Nevertheless, it was printed with an expiration date, too small to be legible on air. Originally, it was December 2007, meaning that the card has "expired," but this has not been acknowledged on-air by the host, contestants, or production staff.
  • Credit Card was the first pricing game to be played over 100 times. It was rarely the 5th or 6th game to be played.
  • This game is currently on hiatus, as its final playing was on October 31, 2008 (#4485K), the game's only playing in season 37, although it has not been officially retired. It's possible that it is simply being refurbished, like other games, including Bargain Game (previously Barker's Bargain Bar), Check Game, and Card Game which had all been removed from the rotation for an extended period.
  • It's not known if Credit Card will ever return on The Price is Right.


  • For this game to be played, 3 of the 5 prizes must be at least $1 less than the credit limit.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 31.
  • Credit Card has never offered five cars.
  • There are 2 danger prices in Credit Card.
  • Just like Golden Road and Safe Crackers, the game is shown and then is zoomed out to the contestant and Bob/Drew.

International versions[]

  • On the Bruce Forsyth version in the UK, the game was played the same, except that the contestant only won the three prizes chosen if won, and only one prize (the highest) can create a loss yet still manage to win the game. Later on, the contestant also won the amount of cash left on the credit card if won.


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Last Play Of Credit Card (for now)

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