Cynthia Brimhall (born March 10, 1964 in Ogden, Utah) is an American model, actress, and singer. She is perhaps best known for her nude pictorials in Playboy magazine as she was Playmate of the Month for October 1985. She also auditioned to be the newest Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right during it's 22nd season.

Early Life, Playboy, Acting & Singing CareerEdit

Native of Ogden, Utah. Cynthia was raised in a Mormon household and attended regular schools.

While in High School, she met and instantly developed a close friendship with fellow student Luann Bambourgh. They instantly bonded over being misfits in a small town of deeply religious conformists and were more than determined to break free of their Mormon roots.

After they graduated from High School, Cynthia and Luann packed their bags and made the move to Los Angeles with high hopes of booking modeling gigs. Brimhall, however, was more successful in booking modeling gigs and she first gained widespread public attention after she was selected to pose nude for the cameras of Playboy as she appeared in the October 1985 issue of the magazine as well as appearing in several Playboy videos and posing in a sizable number of special editions and additional nude pictorials of the magazine.

After her success of posing for Playboy, the beautiful redhead soon turned her attention to acting as she portrayed foxy nightclub singer and secret agent Edy Stark in six low-budget action-packed pictures for director Andy Sidaris: Hard Ticket to Hawaii in 1987, Picasso Trigger in 1988, Guns in 1990, Do or Die in 1991, Hard Hunted in 1992, and Fit to Kill in 1993 as well as singing songs on the soundtracks for most of the low-budget films.

Also, Cynthia wanted to further a career in music as she recorded a single titled When Will You which was produced by Grammy Winner Oji Pierce.

Price is Right AuditionEdit

After appearing 1993's Fit to Kill, the last low-budget film by Andy Sidaris, Cynthia moved on to take on other challenges. She learned that the television game show The Price is Right, during it's 22nd season on the air, was holding auditions to find a permanent replacement for 18-year veteran Barker's Beauty Dian Parkinson, who departed the series back in June.

The beautiful redhead sent in her resume' and headshots and was granted an on-camera audition as she made her televised debut on (airdate) Friday, December 3rd (behind tryout model Cindy Margolis' stint). After her first stint of tryout appearances, Cynthia was invited back in beginning in March 1994 as she appeared for several weeks, appearing off and on, all the way until mid April.

She was one of three tryout models that the show's producers liked the best and the other two being Mindy Kennedy Alvarez and Gena Lee Nolin, whom was selected as permanent model, as they were chosen to appearing in more episodes than the rest. Some fans have even speculated that Cynthia possibly would've become the chosen Barker's Beauty if they did not choose Gena Lee Nolin for the role.


From August 2000 to September 2001, Cynthia starred in Skintight at Harrahs in Las Vegas. As of today, Cynthia makes her residence in Texas (believed to be Dallas).


(Cynthia as a tryout model on The Price is Right, 1993-1994)

(Cynthia in promotional photos as Edy Stark in one of director Andy Sidaris' low-budget films: Guns in 1990)

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