Gallery Game is a game where a contestant paints a number in the price to complete it.


  • The contestant was shown a painting of a prize being played for. Below the painting was most of the price - three complete digits and a partially completed fourth digit. The contestant had to "paint" in the rest of the digit with a marker (accompanied by the Alla Hornpipe movement of Handel's Water Music). A correct choice won the prize.
  • The partial fourth digit usually had a distinguishing mark completed, in order to reduce the field of possible answers, such as a horizontal line across the top, indicating a 5 or 7.


  • Gallery Game was played 24 times, ending with a win-loss record of 9-15. This is believed to have contributed to its retirement.


  • Although this game was the first to premiere in the 1990s, it was also the first pricing game to be retired in that decade.
  • Stan Blits’ book erroneously lists Gallery Game as “Masterpiece” which was a name used while the game was being developed.
  • Like Ten Chances and Check Game, Gallery Game is about writing a number to win a prize.


Premiere Playing (September 10, 1990, #7701D)Edit

Gallery Game for a Honda Pilot Dune Buggy (October 25, 1990, #7764D)Edit

Gallery Game for a Songbird '57 T-Bird Jukebox (March 22, 1991, #7965D)Edit