It's Optional was a pricing game in which a contestant had the chance to win two new cars.


  • The contestant was shown two cars, both of the same make and model. One car was a base model, while the other had certain unidentified options on it. The prices of the two cars were represented on a game board which had a horizontal ruled scale from zero to $1,200. The base model's price was placed at the start of the scale, while the more expensive price was marked down the scale at the difference between the two prices. Images of 1920s-style cars represented the two prize cars on the scale - one placed at each price.
  • The contestant was then shown a second game board listing nine factory options. The contestant selected options one at a time, and the base-model car on the game board drove down the scale a distance representing the price of the option (similar to the presentation of Cliff Hangers, which debuted two seasons earlier). The contestant had to come within $100 of the price of the more expensive car without going over to win both cars. They were given a certain maximum number of choices - usually three or four - but did not have to use them all if they won with fewer.
  • The contestant won the more expensive car with its predetermined, unidentified options; they won the base model with the options that they had chosen during the game added to it.


  • Interestingly enough, the game premiered the same day as the infamous Shower Game.
  • It's Optional had different rules on its first playing. The player picked all their option choices before the car was driven, and there was no limit on how many options could be picked. On top of that, it received its very first win.
  • Until the premiere of Triple Play, It's Optional was the only pricing game to regularly be played for multiple cars.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 12.


Premiere Playing (September 4, 1978, #2931D, aired out of order on June 30, 1978)Edit

It's Optional for 2 Ford Pintos (September 13, 1979, #3384D)Edit

Finale Playing (May 9, 1983, #4921D)Edit

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Premiere Playing
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