Kyle Kathleen Aletter (born on May 31, 1960 in Los Angeles, California, now known as Kyle Aletter-Oldham) is an American model and actress, best known for being the long-term substitute model on The Price is Right

Early Life & Career[edit | edit source]

Since being born, Kyle has had acting abilities in her genes. Her father is the late TV and movie actor Frank Aletter, known for shows such as Bringing Up Buddy and It's About Time and her mother is Lee Meriwether, also an actress and a former Miss America. Kyle also has a younger sister named Lesley, who is also an actress Kyle's incredible acting resume includes roles on shows such as Barnaby Jones, The Love Boat, The Day After (1983 Nuclear War TV Drama), Finder of Lost Loves, Circus With The Stars, and Adam 12.

"Price is Right" & "Card Sharks"[edit | edit source]

Before appearing as a long term substitute model on The Price is Right (over a 12-year period, 1984-1996), Kyle actually got her start as a contestant as she was one of the first four contestants called to "COME ON DOWN!" which was in a episode from November 1983 of the series.

She was the third on-stage contestant and she played the Poker Game and won but was beaten in the Showcase Showdown. It was shortly after that, when she would be approached to see if she would be interested in modeling on The Price is Right. One of the executive assistants had went to school with Kyle's mother, Lee Meriwether, and called up to see if Aletter would be interested in appearing on the show as a substitute Barker's Beauty, Kyle said "Yes, please".

Originally, she was going to be to the permanent replacement for Holly Hallstrom, who left the series in late 1983 to pursue an acting career but returned in the spring of 1984. Instead, Kyle was signed on as the substitute model (earliest appearance being mid-January 1984 as she was one of four rotating models during this time period), filling in for one of the regular models (Hallstrom, Janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson and later Kathleen Bradley) if they were ill or unavailable. She has subbed for all four of the then-current models but her longest stints occurred in 1988, beginning in mid-February until sometime in March when Dian Parkinson was off the show due to an illness or injury and then in October when Janice Pennington was absent for several weeks after she suffered a serious injury as she was struck by a cameraman, who swung his camera in the wrong direction, knocking her off stage and into the audience area as that taping was postponed for almost an hour until the staff was assured that an unconscious Pennington would survive. Janice made a full recovery but was no longer able to model swimsuits on the show due to scars from her surgery (as one shoulder was an inch shorter than the other) and made a triumphant return to the show in mid-November..

In addition to appearing as a substitute model long term on Price, Kyle also appeared as a substitute model/Card Dealer on Card Sharks (hosted by Bob Eubanks from 1985-1989) for two weeks in 1988.

In December 1992, Kyle returned to help hold down the fort on The Price is Right stages for a number of days following the severe injuries that both Kathleen Bradley and Holly Hallstrom suffered during a showcase skit as well as Janice Pennington taking the week off, leaving Dian Parkinson as the only regular model in attendance.

Later Career[edit | edit source]

Also in addition to her modeling and acting, Kyle has also appeared on the stage. She appeared alongside her mother, Lee Meriwether, in the stage play The Gingerbread Lady followed by roles in Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, and The Artful Lodgers.

In 1992, Kyle married her longtime boyfriend Rory Oldham (taking his last name) and the following year, December 1993, she gave birth to her daughter, Ryan Isabelle. Now as a wife and mother of an only child, Kyle continued to sub on The Price is Right, she has even appeared during try-out periods (in 1984, 1994 and 1996). In mid 1996, after nearly 12 years as the long-term substitute model on The Price is Right, Kyle decided to end her relationship with the show and her primary focus was now her family.

As of today, Kyle continues to work in a family owned business and is an active volunteer of her church, because she realizes all the gifts and blessings she has in her life would never be possible without the love of the Lord in her life.

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