A game played for a car plus three additional prizes - one worth between $10 and $98, and two worth between $301 and $987. The game was created by former producer Kathy Greco.


  • The contestant is shown a game board which displays the first and last digits in the price of a car. Between these digits are the prices of three other prizes, each of which contains one of the other three digits in the price of the car. The contestant must slide these prices horizontally so that the digits in the price of the car line up vertically in a yellow (originally white) frame. The first and third prizes always have three-digit prices, while the second has a two-digit price.
  • If the contestant correctly lines up all three prizes, the contestant wins the car and the prizes. Otherwise, the contestant is told how many (but not specifically which) of the digits are correctly placed. Knowing only this, the contestant then has one more opportunity to line up the prices and win the car and prizes as before. If the price is not correct twice, he/she lost the game.


  • On its first playing, it was won on the first try.
  • On its first playing, the prize labels were light gray with black letters. They changed to black with white letters on the next playing.
  • When the game first debuted, the car was the first to be shown first, followed by the three small prizes.
  • On October 7, 2004 (#2994K), it was changed so the reveals go in the opposite direction.
  • On March 31, 2014 (#6681K), May 21, 2014 (#6753K), November 20, 2014 (#6894K, aired out of order on November 13), January 6, 2015 (#6952K), January 6, 2016 (#7353K), February 1, 2016 (#7391K), April 11, 2016 (#7491K), and April 27, 2016 (#7513K), the first three prizes were shown in front of Door #3, and the car was revealed behind Door #2 afterward.
  • Additionally, from the game's debut until May 18, 1998 (#0781K), the think music from Check Game, Make Your Move, and Cover Up was used; from June 2, 1998 (#0802K) onward, it was changed to its regular think music, subsequently used for Push Over (and has been used on Make Your Move and Cover Up on occasion).
  • On October 2, 2014 (6824K, aired out of order on December 26) the game board received a fresh coat of paint of the same colors.
  • Line 'Em Up has not been the 1st game to be played in the game slotting list.
  • On the May 16, 2016 (#7541K) game, contestant Erin Walters-Bugbee got no numbers correct on her first try. However, on her second try, she redeemed herself, got all 3 numbers right, and won the car, so did contestant Richard Alvarado on October 27, 2017 (#8065K).


  • For this game to be played, any car can be played, but the 3 prizes have to include 1 of the 3 middle numbers needed.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 17.
  • Despite the three small prizes used to 'line up' the car price being priced below $1,000, this is not officially a 'small prize' game; such a distinction means that the small prizes must be priced by the contestant and must also cost less than $300; the 3-digit prizes used in Line 'Em Up cost $300 or more in price.
  • Line 'Em Up was one of seven pricing games seen on the fifth taping session of Season 36, which was seen on October 31, 2007 (#4063K) and November 20, 2007 (#4092K, aired out of order on October 25).

Foreign versions of Line em UpEdit

  • On several foreign formats, Line em Up is played exactly the same way as it is on the American version. The game board also looks very similar to the one used on the American version.
  • While Australia version was played for a car, the Vietnamese version (titled "Một Hàng Dọc") never offer prizes worth more than VND 30,000,000.
  • When the game was revived in Vietnam, the set was the same, but the color is black now.


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