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Magic Number (stylized as Magic #) is a game where a contestant selects a number between prices of two prizes.


  • The contestant is told which is the least expensive of the two and which is the most expensive of the two. The contestant must then find a "magic number" - a number that falls between the two prices. The magic number has to be higher on the left and lower on the right. Exact numbers are inclusive (and it has happened once) - to win both prizes. To do so, the contestant raises and lowers a leaver attached to the prop that will increase or decrease the number displayed on a readout. When the contestant is finished setting the magic number, the actual retail price of both prizes is shown one at a time. II the magic number is between both prices, or matches either price, they win both prizes.


  • Magic Number used a chime and then the winning bells whenever a win has occurred early on. The chime was later eliminated and only the winning bells sounded when a win has occurred.
  • On October 21, 1997 (#0492K), contestant Audrey stopped the Magic Number at 1429, but as she pulled the lever lower, she did not notice she actually misadjusted it just below the center, causing the number to go down one at a time on its own. Noticing this, Bob and Audrey briefly had to move far from the game until he said if she wanted to go lower and did so, stopping at 1140 and fixed the game, but Audrey wanted a higher Magic Number, went higher and stopped at 1230. On top of that, she won the game.
  • The game's computer originally rounded the contestant's guess to the nearest ten. The staff programmed it out once they discovered it was happening.
  • In the mid-2000s, the sound effect for the number display counting up or down sounded very different.
  • On June 17, 2003 (#2592K), the prices were revealed in reverse order.
  • On October 22, 2008 (#4473K), contestant Carrie had the Magic Number at 1299, which was the retail price of the guitar making Carrie a winner.
  • On October 6, 2017 (#8035K, aired out-of-order on June 29, 2018), the prices on the price tags received a new font.
  • On March 30, 2018 (#8275K), the losing horns were not played.
  • After the Last Magic Number Playing of 2021 (November 24, 2021, #9603K, aired out of order on November 17), Magic Number may be on hiatus because it's possible that the game's components are being refurbished.


  • Like Gas Money, More or Less, Rat Race and Time is Money, Magic Number has never been the first pricing game to start any show. Because the game's computer needs time to start up and due to the elimination of the commercial break between the first and second pricing games after Season 37, the game can be no earlier than second on the show.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 26.
  • Magic Number was one of four "new" pricing games seen on the sixth taping session of Season 36 (Drew's first as host), which was seen on November 26, 2007 (#4101K), December 4, 2007 (#4112K), December 12, 2007 (#4123K), January 7, 2008 (#4131K, aired out-of-order on January 9), January 18, 2008 (#4145K) and January 23, 2008 (#4153K).
  • On Davidson's Price, as a running gag, Davidson refers to the props as the "geezmo" instead of "gizmo" and the "leever" instead of "leaver."
  • Unlike Bob, Drew demonstrates how the lever works and, when pulling it down, does not pull it all the way back to zero, except on some episodes around 2015 or 2016. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the contestant is instructed to try out the lever to see how it works, before finding the magic number.
  • If Magic Number is to be a Million Dollar Game on The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular, you would need the Magic Number to be either A...within $10 of the rounded total of both prizes or match the price of either prize to win the $1 million bonus.


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