Make Your Move is a game played for three prizes--one small prize worth up to $99, one prize worth up to $999 and another prize worth up to $9,999.


  • The contestant is shown a board containing a string of nine digits representing the prices of three prizes placed consecutively. Below the digits are three sliding color-coded markers (red, yellow and green) which represent the prizes. The red marker represents the two-digit prize, the yellow marker is the three-digit prize and the green marker is the four-digit prize.
  • The contestant must slide the three markers so that each is placed below the correct price for the corresponding prize. All nine digits must be used and each digit may be used only once, as the prices never overlap. If the contestant is correct, they win all three prizes.  It's possible to be right about only one of the prizes, but in this situation the contestant does not win the one prize they were correct about.


  • Make Your Move premiered on September 11, 1989 (#7331D). After December 13, 1989 (#7463D), Make Your Move was pulled from the pricing game rotation for the remainder of the 18th season for unknown reasons. When the game returned on October 12, 1990 (#7745D), the two-digit prize was replaced by a second three-digit prize, with one of the nine digits in the string being part of two prices. This revised format caused a great deal of confusion and was only used twice before returning to the original rules on October 29 (#7771D).
  • Make Your Move was occasionally played for 4-digit cars. The last ever car ever offered in this game was on January 5, 1996 (#9795D), which was also the second-to-last game to offer a 4-digit car on the show (the last ever time was on Freeze Frame, which was on January 24, 1996, #9823D).
  • Originally, for each guess of the prize, the colors would light up, and if the game is lost, the lights would turn off before showing the actual prices. This practice was stopped on April 22, 1994 (#9175D) because the audience often misinterpreted this as the reveal of the correct prices, rather than what the contestant had guessed.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 33.
  • Make Your Move was one of four "new" pricing games seen on the seventh taping session of Season 36, which was seen on November 26, 2007 (#4102K, aired out of order on November 5), December 3, 2007 (#4111K, aired out of order on November 12), December 14, 2007 (#4125K, aired out of order on November 2), January 9, 2008 (#4133K, aired out of order on January 7), January 17, 2008 (#4144K, aired out of order on January 14), and January 22, 2008 (#4152K, aired out of order on January 29).

Foreign versions of Make Your MoveEdit

  • The game is played the same way as the U.S., often with minor differences. In Mexico, for example, sometimes there were two three-digit prizes (however, the board had ten numbers in this case to prevent similar incidents from the US version from ever happening). In France, the top prize had five digits instead of four (because of the French franc's exchange rate at the time).
  • On the Netherlands' Cash en Carlo and Spain's El Precio Justo, the studio lights are dimmed down to reveal the correct prices.
  • In Australia, (at least during Larry Emdur's runs), the board does not light up to reveal the correct prices. Instead, three models display the prices on yellow (for two-digit), red (for three-digit) and blue (for four-digit) placards. The only way to win nothing in the Australian version was to get no correct prices for all three prizes.


Premiere Playing (September 11, 1989, #7331D)Edit

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Make Your Move for a Honda Pilot Dune Buggy (February 2, 1993, #8682D)Edit

Make Your Move for a Truck (March 12, 1993, #8735D)Edit

Final Playing with Bob Barker (June 7, 2007, #4024K)Edit

Make Your Move for a TPiR Come on Down Book, a Swivel Rocker, and Carter Brothers, GTR250 Hybrid Go-Cart (December 17, 2007, #4161K)Edit

Make Your Move featuring a Decorative Car as a First Prize (December 10, 2008, #4543K)Edit

Make Your Move for an E-Z-Go ST Sport 2+2 Golf Cart (March 10, 2011, #5474K)Edit

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