Mystery Price is the pricing game where the contestant must make more money than the actual retail price of the mystery prize to win that and the grand prize.


  • A prize package was announced, and the price of one of the prizes (usually the least expensive) was the "mystery price", which was concealed on a game board.
  • The contestant was then shown four small prizes, one at a time, and asked to bid on each one. If the contestant's bid for a prize was at or below its price, the contestant won the prize, and the amount of the bid was added to their "credit" into a bank; if the contestant's bid was higher than the price of the prize, they lost the prize and earned no credit. The goal was to bid as close to the price without going over, in order to build up the most credit.
  • After all four small prizes were bid on, the mystery price was revealed. If the contestant had at least as much credit in the bank as the mystery price, they won the prize package. If not, they still kept any small prizes won during bidding.


Mystery Price was quickly retired due to its complicated and confusing rules. Despite this, the game had a favorable win record of 11-6.


Premiere Playing (September 26, 1973, #0563D, aired out of order on November 29, 1973)Edit

First Mystery Price Winner (October 9, 1973, #0582D)Edit