On the Nose was a pricing game where the contestant had to perform a sporting feat to win. It was played for a car and a potential cash bonus of $1,000.


  • To win the car, the contestant had to successfully accomplish a sporting feat. Five sporting events alternated in different playings of the game: throwing a mini-football or a baseball through a hole in the game board, making a free throw with a mini-basketball, popping a balloon with a dart, and hitting a tennis ball through a hole in the game board.
  • Before the contestant attempted the feat, they first had to determine how many chances they would have to perform it. The contestant was shown four possible prices for the car. Picking the correct price earned the contestant four attempts at the sporting feat and a $1,000 cash bonus. Choosing the nearest incorrect price earned the contestant three attempts, the next closest price earned two, and the price farthest away from the actual retail price earned just one attempt. Those other three prices awarded no bonus. The number of attempts was represented by revealing a certain number of whatever implement was used in the particular task of the day. Barker would also perform an "inspiration" attempt of the task before the contestant attempted it, as he did in Hole in One.
  • On the Nose is one of only three pricing games, along with Hole in One and Super Ball!!, in which a task of physical skill was required to win. Other games, such as Race Game and Bonkers, give the contestant more chances to win if they perform better physically, but they can still be won without the physical skill.


  • It was retired after just over a year in the game rotation because the events were too difficult to win.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 15.

Foreign versionsEdit

  • Despite its short life in the US version, the game had a long life on Germany's Der Preis ist heiß and was actually one of host Harry Wijnvoord's favorite pricing games. The game was also played on the French version and the most recent version of the show in the UK. It has also had several variants of sports on Portugal's O Preço Certo em Euros, including soccer, which was never used in the US.


Premiere Playing (September 14, 1984, #5395D)Edit

On the Nose for a Dodge Aries Station Wagon (June 3, 1985, #5761D)Edit

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Debut of On the Nose