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Premiere Playing (September 14, 1984, #5395D)[]

First Playing With Basketball as a Sport (September 18, 1984, #5402D)[]

First Playing With Football as a Sport & First On the Nose Loss (September 28, 1984, #5415D)[]

Roy's Amazing On the Nose Win (October 8, 1984, #5431D)[]

First Playing With Darts as a Sport (October 16, 1984, #5442D)[]

On the Nose for a Mazda GLC Hatchback (November 6, 1984, #5472D)[]

First Playing With Tennis as a Sport (November 28, 1984, #5503D)[]

On the Nose for a Dodge Caravan (December 18, 1984, #5532D)[]

First On the Nose Playing of 1985 (January 21, 1985, #5571D, aired out of order on April 8)[]

On the Nose for a Dodge Lancer (February 4, 1985, #5591D)[]

On the Nose with the Game Board Partially Opened at the Beginning of the Game (March 1, 1985, #5625D)[]

On the Nose for a Dodge Aries Station Wagon (June 3, 1985, #5761D)[]