One Right Price is a game played with two prizes.


  • A model (formerly Janice Pennington) walks out. The model stands in the center to show the host, the contestant and the studio audience the "One Right Price". Then the contestant must decide which prize, the left or the right, has that price. If the contestant chooses the right prize, they win both prizes. Making the wrong choice lost both prizes.


  • The game entered the rotation permanently on November 6, 1975 (#1664D).
  • Occasionally, One Right Price can be played for 2 cars, but most of the time it's played for 2 prizes that were less than $10,000. Sometimes the game can offer 2 trips. On at least one playing, on March 18, 1992 (#8353D), the two trips were revealed each behind two doors.
  • The game changed 3 times. The dates were on May 17, 1977 (#2382D), March 25, 1983 (#4855D) & the current setup premiered on April 18, 1988 (#6851D).
  • In the Dennis James nighttime shows, there was a variation of the game, for it was played with three furs. Dennis himself held the one right price and the hidden prices were face down on stands.
  • 2 cars were played on primetime specials.
  • On May 6, 2015 (#7123K, aired out of order on May 5), a contestant in a wheelchair that also had no feet, wound up winning a treadmill while playing this game.
  • On the Summer Beach Party special aired August 11, 2015 (#7202K, aired out of order on August 10), One Right Price was renamed "One Righteous Price" and was won.
  • On March 23, 2017 (#7865K, aired out of order on March 31), the College Rivals episode, Warnessa Hightower (Texas) won trips to Lake Tahoe and New Orleans.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 55.


From December 19, 1975 (#1725D)Edit

From May 25, 1984 (#5345D)Edit

One Right Price for 2 Cars (May 3, 2003, #010SP)Edit

Final Playing with Bob Barker (May 29, 2007, #4012K)Edit

From December 29, 2014 (#6941K)Edit

Contestant in a Wheelchair Wins a Treadmill (May 6, 2015, #7123K, aired out of order on May 5)Edit

One Righteous Price (August 11, 2015,#7202K, aired out of order on August 10)Edit

From October 1, 2015 (#7224K)Edit

From November 21, 2017 (#8102K)Edit

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