One of the more lesser liked games in the show's current rotation and premiered to celebrate the show's ceremonial 4,000th episode (in reality, it's the 3,992nd).


  • The contestant is shown the price of a prize, with one digit missing. Three possible digits are shown, and the contestant picks one. If the contestant is correct, they win the prize.

History and behind the scenesEdit

  • On its first playing, on the ceremonial 4,000th episode (in reality, 3,992nd) aired on January 31, 1992 (#8285D), the game was won.
  • Pick-a-Number has been played for a four-digit car at least once in the game's history, during the time when such cars were still being offered on the show.
  • Pick-a-Number can theoretically be (and has been) played with a 5-digit price, as the dollar sign on the board can be replaced by a digit. However, because of how the prop is built, the ten-thousands digit could not be the missing number.
  • In concept, this game is similar to foreign version of Squeeze Play, where a contestant pulls two numbers off the prize of a product. In Pick-a-Number, a contestant simply puts in the correct number from a supply of three numbers.
  • Pick-a-Number serves as the all-purpose substitute pricing game, should an intended game break down, as it involves no electronics, and is easy to set up on short notice. This happened on October 9, 2002 (#2253K) when Penny Ante malfunctioned and Pick-a-Number was set up to replace it.
  • On March 5, 2018 (#8241K, aired out of order on January 8) during Publishers Clearing House week, contestant Alexandria Moyer won a $20,000 bonus for being the first contestant to win a pricing game. It was played in the second slot.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 28.


Premiere Playing (January 31, 1992, #8285D)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Geo Metro (February 25, 1992, #8322D)Edit

From April 14, 1993 (#8783D)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Zoomer Pedicart (May 27, 1996, #0011K)Edit

First Pick-A-Number Playing of the 2000's (June 13, 2000, #1492K)Edit

First Pick-A-Number Win of the 2000s (February 15, 2002, #2065K)Edit

Pick-A-Number With The Colors of the Choices and the Right Answer Reversed (December 8, 2004, #3083K)Edit

Final Playing with Bob Barker (June 5, 2007, #4022K)Edit

First Appearance of 5-Digit Pick-A-Number (February 20, 2009, #4635K)Edit

Reginald Plays Pick-A-Number with Heidi Klum (October 10, 2011, #5661K, aired out of order on January 6, 2012)Edit

Cassidy Plays Pick-A-Number with Nick & Drew Lachey (January 22, 2013, #6192K, aired out of order on February 18, originally rescheduled to air on February 19)Edit

Pick-A-Number with the Reversed Colors (November 15, 2013, #6495K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for A Trio of HDTVs (February 20, 2015, #7015K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Scion iA (January 6, 2016, #7353K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Dodge Dart SE Rallye (October 26, 2016, #7663K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Nissan Juke S (May 15, 2017, #7941K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Honda FourTrax Recon ES ATV and a Yamaha TTR-125 LE Off-Road Motorcycle (October 6, 2017, #8035K, aired out of order on June 29, 2018, originally rescheduled to air on June 25, 2018)Edit

From the Best of 2017 Special (December 29, 2017, #8145K)Edit

Alexandria's $20,000 PCH Win (March 5, 2018, #8241K, aired out of order on January 8)Edit

From Halloween 2018 (#8473K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Toyota Prius CL (December 24, 2018, #8551K)Edit

Pick-A-Number for a Kia Soul (February 22, 2019, #8631K, aired out of order on May 31)Edit

A Car Win on the Breast Cancer Awareness Special (October 1, 2019, #8832K)Edit

Big Money Pick-A-Number (October 18, 2019, #8855K, aired out of order on October 16)Edit

Pick-A-Number With Tiffany Coyne and Jonathan Mangum from Let's Make a Deal (November 19, 2019, #8902K, aired out of order on March 24, 2020)Edit

Pick-A-Number With Sheryl Underwood (November 25, 2019, #8911K)Edit

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