Rachel Reynolds (born November 4, 1982 in Mandeville, LA, sometimes credited as Rachel Reynolds Dellucci) is an American Model, Actress and a former Athlete. Since 2003, she has appeared as one of Barker's Beauties on The Price is Right, a career spanning 15 years making her (currently) the fourth longest-serving model on the series.

Early Life & Modeling Career[edit | edit source]

Native of Mandeville, Louisiana. After graduating from high school, Rachel attended Louisiana State University where she majored in Public Relations and was also very athletic as she was a member of their track-and-field team. Despite a popular misconception, she was neither a Tigerette (Cheerleader) nor a "Golden Girl" (member of LSU's famous dance-drill team).

Also while in college, Reynolds worked as a cashier in a supermarket to support herself and it was there when she was discovered by an agent for a local modeling agency. Soon afterwards, the gorgeous blonde beauty sought for the big life and chased after her dreams of stardom.

As a step in the right direction, Rachel took part in the 2002 competition for who would replace departed hostess Brooke Burke on the E! travel series Wild On!. True to her worth and impressed by the producers, Rachel had emerged as was one of the finalists but lost the job to Model & Actress Cindy Taylor (who hosted the series until it's end the following year).

The Price is Right[edit | edit source]

After losing out on the hostess job for Wild On!, Rachel continued on to pursue her dreams of stardom and her passion for being in front of the camera to too strong to ignore.

Soon, the gorgeous blonde auditioned for a job that would change her life forever: she auditioned to become one of Barker's Beauties on the television game show The Price is Right during the remaining weeks of it's 31st season on the air. She made her modeling debut on the long-running series on (airdate) June 6, 2003 and continued on until the 18th for a total of 9 appearances only. She returned to the show for it's 32nd Season beginning on (airdate) September 22nd as she was one of the models present for it's season premiere opener only and later returned beginning a fairly long stint starting on October 2nd and continuing on all the way until November 12th (with fellow newcomer Gabrielle Tuite making her debut the next day).

On April 30, 2004 (airdate), in a now-infamous and one of the most memorable moments in ALL of Price is Right history: Rachel drove a car, which was a Ford Mustang Convertible, onto the stage for the pricing game Lucky Seven. The blonde beauty lost control of the car, crashing it's bumper into door 3 (knocking it out of place and the door partially opened as the studio audience exploded with laughter) in which Lucky Seven is concealed behind. Host Bob Barker, revels in the moment and mentions that Rachel was the second model to crash the bumper of the car into the door while "smiling at the camera" (longtime model Janice Pennington was the first model to have done this but Barker does not mention her). Years later in April 2011, Rachel would again drive a car into Door number 3 when a contestant was playing Lucky Seven but that time, it was on purpose (part of the 2011 April Fools special). During the taping of that episode, Rachel took over The Price is Right's Instagram page and explained that the reason for the 2004 incident was because she had her foot on the Mustang's clutch pedal instead of the brake pedal, and was thus unable to stop the car.

After the end of Season 32, Rachel ranked at the highest rotating model with a whopping 96 appearances under her belt, followed by Shane Stirling, who ranked second with 85 appearances and Lanisha Cole, ranking third with 67.

Reynolds continued on as a rotating Barker's Beauty on The Price is Right over the next several seasons and between the summer and fall of 2007, the long-running game show soon transitioned into a new era as Bob Barker, after having hosted the series since it's September 4, 1972 premiere, took his last bow on (airdate) June 15th and Comedian & Actor Drew Carey, after being announcer as Barker's replacement, making his debut on (airdate) October 15th (Rachel was one of the models present for Bob's final week as well as Drew's first).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Rachel was the last new model to join the series while Rod Roddy was still serving as announcer (although when she made her official Price is Right debut, Randy West, who also made his debut the same day, served as the announcer, filling in for Roddy) She was one of the models present on the show's 32nd Season Premiere episode on (airdate) September 22, 2003 (as mentioned above) while Roddy announced as well as the shows that aired from October 9th-20th, which was Roddy's final episode (he passed away on October 27th).

Before and during her rotating stints on The Price is Right, Rachel maintained a modeling career. She has modeled for VENUS Swimwear (frequently providing swimwear for the models on Price) and has been featured on six national magazine covers for Fitness RX.

She was also the last model to hand Bob Barker his microphone at the start on his final episode on (airdate) June 15, 2007 and she was also one of the models present during both of Barker's return visits to the show in April 2009 and December 2013 (his then-90th Birthday Bash & "Pet Adoption Week").

Rachel also briefly substituted for Tiffany Coyne on sister game show Let's Make a Deal (Tiffany in turn, substituted on Price).

A memorable episode that aired on February 5, 2015 featured a "rivalry" of sorts between Rachel and Amber Lancaster. The "feud" began when Rachel was displaying the first One Bid prize; a digital camera, which also featured photos of herself, Amber, and Drew Carey, but not George Gray, much to his disappointment. Rachel was portrayed as the villainess in the "feud," as she playfully boasted about having the largest photo, while Amber's was accidentally knocked down. The pair made up after the showcase round, with each one holding up framed photos of the other. However, Amber did get payback and "accidentally" dropped Rachel's photo.

In a 2017 episode where the cast was portrayed as the Prize League (a group of superheroes fighting the evil Dr. Trombones, whose purpose was to be sure nobody won any prizes), Rachel portrayed Yodely Gal (a humorous take on the "Yodely Guy" character from the game Cliff Hangers.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Rachel was previous married to former Cleveland Browns Quarterback Josh Booty as they married on July 11, 2003 as it was announced by then-host Bob Barker on the October 9th, 2003 (taped shortly after the marriage) episode of The Price is Right. It's unknown when they divorced.

On May 3, 2009 (airdate), the show's current host Drew Carey announced that Reynolds became engaged to be married to David Dellucci, a player of the Cleveland Indians. Almost a year after their engagement on March 30, 2010, Carey announced that the couple had married and on the (airdate) April 12, 2010 episode ("Ultimate Wedding Shower 2010"), the newlywed couple modeled wedding formalwear (a tuxedo for Dellucci, a wedding gown for Reynolds) as an Item up for Bids.

On the show's 41st season premiere (airdate: September 24, 2012), the gorgeous blonde announced that she and her husband, David were expecting their first child. On February 13, 2013, their third wedding anniversary, she gave birth to a baby girl named Ruby. Rachel later introduced her newborn baby girl (via skype) on the Mother's day episode of The Price is Right (aired on May 10, 2013) calling the next mother/child pair to "COME ON DOWN!".

As of today, aside from being a wife and mother, Rachel happily continues on with The Price is Right as she now holds a 15-year stint and over 2,000 episodes, as a model and with that, she is presently the fourth longest-serving model on the series (ahead of Kathleen Bradley, who now ranks as the sixth longest-serving model) and following the departure of fellow model Gwendolyn Osborne in October 2017, Rachel is now the ONLY remaining cast member since the days of the Bob Barker and Rod Roddy Era, and if she remains with the series through 2021, her longevity will likely overshadow that of Holly Hallstrom, making her the third longest-serving model.

On February 28, 2018 (airdate), Rachel celebrated her 2,000th episode.

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