Road to Price was a short-lived reality documentary web series where four years ago, nine high school graduates from Merrick, New Hampshire take the road trip of their lives to Hollywood, California in order to be on The Price is Right along with meeting former host Bob Barker.


As mentioned above this article, the show follows the adventures of nine teenage friends (i.e. Peter, Alden, Russ, Logan, Joey, Jason, Kyle R., Kyle S. and Shaun respectively) by driving across the country in order to realize their dream of seeing The Price is Right in person while meeting the legendary former host Bob Barker.

In addition, it features the boys leaving their hometown of Merrimack, New Hampshire while making their way across the country in a refurbished mini school bus on their final summer together before they go their separate ways after high school. Along the way, stories along with the origins of their friendships as we root for them to make it all the way to Los Angeles, California as mechanical difficulties are going to leave them stranded halfway there.


  • The episode of The Price is Right that featured the said boys aired on September 27, 2006.

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