Shower Game was a pricing game with 6 shower stalls arranged in a row as in a locker room. Each stall had a possible price of the car attached to it.


  • The contestant had to enter the stall bearing the correct price and pull a chain attached to the shower head. If they chose correctly, a giant key lowered from the stall's ceiling, and the contestant won the car.
  • The five other showers were randomly divided into three which showered the contestant with confetti and two which showered them with 100 $1 bills. If the contestant selected a confetti shower, they could choose another shower. If, however, the contestant selected a money shower, the game ended and the contestant left with only the $100.


  • When the game premiered, the prices were placed above the 6 shower stalls. On later playings, the setup added doors to each of the 6 shower stalls with the matching prices seen above from previous playings of the game.

When the game was first played, the game was won immediately. For full proof, see the pictures below or click on the video link of the debut of Shower Game for a look at the full footage.


  • Shower Game was retired because of its rather anti-climactic nature, as the game had no real strategy to it. Some negative feedback from many Jewish viewers and in-studio audience members did not help matters; they complained that the game's setup and structure reminded them of the Holocaust, which had ended some 30 years earlier.

International versionsEdit

  • Despite its short life in the US, it has been featured in the French version of Le Juste Prix titled "La douche ecossaise" (The Scottish Shower).


Premiere Playing (September 4, 1978, #2931D, aired out of order on June 30, 1978)Edit

YouTube VideoEdit

Shower Game Debut