Swap Meet is a pricing game where the contestant tries to swap one prize with another that has the same price.


  • The contestant is shown four prizes with their prices hidden, one of which is given as a "base" prize, with the remaining three behind The Big Doors. The contestant must pick which of the other three prizes has the same price as the base prize to win all four prizes.

Foreign versionsEdit

  • The version of Swap Meet played on France's Le Juste Prix used a slightly different format. After seeing the base prize, the contestant was shown four more prizes; to win, they had to pick the two prizes from the latter group whose prices totaled the price of the base prize.


  • For this game to be played, 2 prizes must share the same price.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 24.
  • Swap Meet has never ever offered four cars.
  • Swap Meet was one of five "new" pricing games seen on the ninth/tenth taping session of Season 36, which was seen on December 5, 2007 (#4113K) and January 25, 2008 (#4155K).


Premiere Playing (September 9, 1991, #8091D)Edit

Swap Meet With the Models Holding Price Tags (September 27, 1991, #8115D)Edit

Swap Meet for a Panasonic Camcorder, a 5pc Dinette Set, a Harrington House Grandfather Clock, and a Honda Cub Motorcycle (October 31, 1991, #8164D)Edit

From Christmas 1992 (#8635D)Edit

First Night Time Playing of Swap Meet (October 7, 1994, #0020N)Edit

Swap Meet for a Honda Elite 50SP Motorscooter, a Rustic Crafts Fireplace, an Ashley Buffet Hutch, and an Amana Washer & Dryer (September 9, 1997, #0432K)Edit

A Swap Meet Win from the Season 32 Holiday Week (December 18, 2003, #2724K)Edit

First Swap Meet Winner With Drew Carey (January 25, 2008, #4155K)Edit

Swap Meet for a Simplicity Vacuum, a Worksman Cycles Team Dual Trike, a Broyhill Sofa, and a Samsung Washer & Dryer (February 13, 2008, #4203K)Edit

Swap Meet for a Set of Zojirushi Small Appliances, a Howard Miller Neon Wall Clock, a Horizon Fitness T83 Treadmill, and an Aquabot Turbo T Pool Cleaner (July 4, 2008, #4405K)Edit

Swap Meet for a Set of Charlie Lapson Accessories, a Dell Desktop Computer, a Tresanti Wine Fridge, and a Lance Powersports Duke Touring 250 Motorscooter (December 14, 2009, #4951K)Edit

John Plays Swap Meet with Jenny McCarthy (October 14, 2011, #5665K, aired out of order on January 3, 2012)Edit

First Playing of 2014 (January 14, 2014, #6572K)Edit

First Swap Meet Win of 2018 (March 9, 2018, #8245K, aired out of order on January 12)Edit

First Playing of Season 48 (September 26, 2019, #8824K, aired out of order on September 23)Edit

Justin Plays Swap Meet in Flip Flops (October 23, 2019, #8863K)Edit

Swap Meet With Jonathan Mangum and George Gray Modeling (November 18, 2019, #8901K, aired out of order on March 23, 2020)Edit

Swap Meet With Diplo (January 22, 2020, #8993K, aired out of order on January 23)Edit

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