Swap Meet is a pricing game where the contestant tries to swap one prize with another that has the same price.


  • The contestant is shown four prizes with their prices hidden, one of which is given as a "base" prize. The contestant must pick which of the other three prizes has the same price as the base prize to win all four prizes.

Foreign versionsEdit

  • The version of Swap Meet played on France's Le Juste Prix used a slightly different format. After seeing the base prize, the contestant was shown four more prizes; to win, they had to pick the two prizes from the latter group whose prices totaled the price of the base prize.


  • For this game to be played, 2 prizes must share the same price.
  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 24.
  • Swap Meet has never ever offered four cars.


Premiere Playing (September 9, 1991, #8091D)Edit

From Christmas 1992 (#8635D)Edit

A Swap Meet Win from the Season 32 Holiday Week (December 18, 2003, #2724K)Edit

John Plays Swap Meet with Jenny McCarthy (October 14, 2011, #5665K, aired out of order on January 3, 2012)Edit

From January 14, 2014 (#6572K)Edit

From March 9, 2018 (#8245K, aired out of order on January 12)Edit

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