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The Big Doors are the most vital part of the set; they're the ones that house the prizes offered in most pricing games (such as Most Expensive, Danger Price, Swap Meet, One Right Price, and Switch?) and the Showcases. Sometimes the doors house IUFBs (items up for bids; the common name for One Bid prizes). Furthermore, the middle doors double as an entrance for the host to go through after the first contestants were called to "Come on Down" (the 1994 Davidson version had Doug come through the doors after the intro). Occasionally, games such as 3 Strikes, Golden Road, Pocket ¢hange, and Plinko would take place in front of the middle doors and covered by either curtains, the big drape, or The Giant Price Tag; if this happens, the host will usually enter through the audience, so as to not give away the game.

Host Entrances[]

Bob Barker September 4, 1972 (#0011D)-June 15, 2007 (#4035K); April Fools 2015 (#7073K)[]

Dennis James 1972-1977[]

Tom Kennedy 1985-1986[]

Doug Davidson 1994-1995[]

Drew Carey October 15, 2007 (#4041K, aired out of order on October 16)-present[]

The Big Doors from The Price is Right 1986 Primetime Special[]

Decades Week[]

Custom photos[]

Bob Barker's Doors[]

September 4, 1972 (#0011D)-June 12, 1973 (#0412D, later re-designated as #0415D)
June 26, 1973 (#0432D, aired out of order on June 22)-August 15, 1975 (#1545D)
August 19, 1975 (#1552D)-June 14, 1996 (#0035K)
September 9, 1996 (#0041K)-June 13, 2001 (#1853K)
September 17, 2001 (#1861K, aired out of order on September 24)-June 20, 2002 (#2224K, aired out of order on June 24)
September 24, 2002 (#2232K)-June 23, 2006 (#3675K)
September 18, 2006 (#3681K)-June 15, 2007 (#4035K)
The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular
Celebrating Bob Barker's 50th Year in Television

Drew Carey's Doors[]

October 15, 2007 (#4041K, aired out of order on October 16)-July 17, 2008 (#4424K)
September 22, 2008 (#4431K)-August 14, 2012 (#6022K, aired out of order on August 17)
September 5, 2012 (#6023K, aired out of order on September 4)-August 15, 2014 (#6805K)
September 22, 2014 (#6811K)-present

Intro Walls[]