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Throughout the years, there have been numerous products/merchandise/goods brought to us due to the success of The Price is Right from Board Games to Video Games to Computer Games.

Board Games[]

Cullen (1956-65)[]

Lowell (1958)[]

In 1958, Lowell released a board game based on the original 1956 version hosted by Bill Cullen. Gameplay takes place in three rounds, with up to 4 players bidding higher than the others and as close as they can to the actual retail price of the item they're dealt. Prices for each of the products are determined using a pair of pricing cards dealt to each player, the price being the sum of both cards. Occasionally, players will be dealt Bonus cards, which allows them to bid on Grand Prizes. Grand Prize bids must be correct within a $500 range. The first player to win 3 prizes wins the game.

Milton Bradley (1964)[]

In 1964, Milton Bradley released a card game loosely based on the original Cullen version, under the name Bid It Right. Compared to the original Lowell game, this one is much more simplistic in nature, to the point that it might even be considered its own game. Here, as little as two but as many as four players try to outbid the other players on a total of 15 prize cards; each of their "bid cards" can only be used once. The player who bids the highest without tying wins the prize card that is shown. At the end of the game, the player who's won the most money with their prize cards wins.

Barker/Carey (1972-)[]

Milton Bradley (1973-86)[]

In 1973, Milton Bradley released a 2nd Price board game, the first one based on the 1972 revival. A 2nd edition was released in 1974, a 3rd edition was released in 1976 and a 4th and final edition was released in 1986, each one supporting 3-5 players, with one as an MC.

Gameplay for the first two games varies a bit from the actual TV show. Instead of the original One Bid, a "Strategy Game" takes its place. The Strategy Game plays similarly to the original Bid It Right card game, only with 6 cards instead of 15. Much like Bid It Right, the winner is the one who has the highest cash value in total prizes, with the winning player going on to play one of the pricing games. The other two editions omit the Strategy Game, and instead use the One-Bid as seen on the show, with each player given their own "bid board" (similar to the original Lowell version's "Individual Bid Counter"). The showcases remains the same as the TV version, however the Showcase Showdown is omitted from the first two editions (as the show was still half an hour long), with the Showdown (as its own dedicated spinner board) debuting in the third edition, when the show began using the full-hour format.

The pricing games featured are as follows:

NOTE: The 1986 edition can be briefly seen in a 1987 episode of the sitcom Valerie's Family (originally known as Valerie then later as The Hogan Family) where Mrs. Patty Poole (played by Edie McClurg) gives the copy to Sandy Hogan (played by Sandy Duncan).

Endless Games (1999, 2004)[]

Endless Games released two home editions of the show: one in 1999 and one in 2004, both as a part of their Endless Classics line of home games. Oddly enough, the first edition features an As Seen On TV graphic on the box, while the second edition omits it.

The 1998 version is almost exactly the same as the 4th Milton Bradley editions, with the differences being minimal at best (a change in graphics to better suit the then-modern versions of the games, and a couple of new prizes, but not much else). In addition, a packaging error led to most games including only one pricer for the One-Bid instead of the 4 intended.

The 2004 Endless Games edition, co-designed by game show fan and former contestant Travis Schario, has been lauded as one of the most faithful home game adaptations of The Price Is Right to date, as despite the more minimalistic design compared to the others (many of the games are played with a set of cards [4 colored sets of 0-9 cards, 1 $ and bullseye card each, 4 asterisk and X cards each, and the dedicated game cards described below], a set of markers and 6 blank "Bid Boards" to write on), the game supports play of up to 45 pricing games (including a range of active, retired, and then-active games from up to that point), with fan support of many more. (including fan-made games such as BigJon's [Play Your Percentages, Shot in the Dark, etc.]) The game also comes with its own prize booklet for the host to choose prizes from, with sections separated as follows:

  • Grocery items
  • Small prizes ($10-500)
  • Medium prizes ($500-3,000)
  • Large prizes ($3,000-10,000)
  • Cars (a legend for abbreviations found in this section occupies the back cover of the booklet)
  • Showcases

Notably, all prizes in the booklet are prizes that have been seen on the actual TV show, during the 9/22/03-12/12/03 branch of the show's 32nd season; also meaning that, for the first (and so far only) time, the prizes in the home game have actual brand names and retail prices. Each prize in the booklet has 2 boxes next to its actual retail price (abbreviated in the booklet as ARP), intended to mark when you've used the prize in a game.

The game supports 3-7 players, with one as MC, with the order of the games depending on how many playing (for example, a game with 6 players and 1 host would play exactly like the show, while a game with only two players and one host would have only one One Bid, with both players playing their own pricing games, then doing the Showcase Showdown [in this case, only for money], and capping off with the Showcase). In lieu of any play money, as the previous editions did, players record their winnings on their own scoreboards, with one section each for the One Bid, pricing games, Showcase Showdown, and Showcase.

For the One Bid, each player on Contestant's Row is given one Bid Board and marker apiece, while the host describes one medium prize. As is on the show, the player who is closest to the actual retail price wins, with Exactly Right bids earning an extra $500 in the "Item Up For Bids" section of the scoreboard.

After a winner has been decided on the One Bid, the contestant decides which pricing game they'll play using the dedicated pricing game spinner. Each page dedicated to a pricing game in the booklet contains (in order) the name, the objective, the prizes (to determine where in the booklet the MC should go), the equipment, how to play the game, a visual for the host to reference (often including an excerpt of the prize booklet), and one The Price Is Right Fun Fact, sometimes pertaining to the game it's located in, other times just in-general TPIR trivia (e.g, Range Game's TPIRFF: "Bob Barker not only appears on The Price Is Right. He's also been known to make guest, cameo, and vocal appearances on different shows." The blurb later lists a couple of shows, including Match Game, Something So Right, and his "much ballyhooed role" on Happy Gilmore.)

Though the contents of the game mean there's multiple possibilities as far as the pricing games go, there are some pieces in the game dedicated to individual games. They are as follows:

  • Card Game (A standard 52-card deck of playing cards, plus 16 game cards from $500-$2000)
  • Lucky Seven (8 $1 The Price Is Right bills [the instructions booklet erroneously says that there's 7])
  • Check Game (A play check dated TODAY, 20NOW and a "VOID" game card)
  • Plinko (9 game cards to represent the 9 Plinko slots)
  • Pass the Buck (3 money game cards [$1000, $3000, and $5000], 1 CAR game card, and 2 "LOSE EVERYTHING" game cards)
  • Cliff Hangers (A Cliff Hangers game board, and a climber token)
  • Let 'Em Roll/Dice Game (5 six-sided dice)

After winners have been decided for each pricing game assigned, the winners (as many as 3, but as little as two depending on the rules) go on to play the Showcase Showdown, which plays similarly to the original Milton Bradley editions.

After the Showcase Showdown, the two remaining contestants bid on a Showcase, with rules similar to the TV version (bid as close to your showcase as you can, bidding within $250 of the actual retail price wins you both showcases).

At the end of each game, each player's winnings are tallied up, with the winner being the one with the highest total.

Buffalo Games (2020)[]

In 2020, Buffalo Games released a standalone version of Plinko for exclusive sales at various Target stores, supporting 2+ players. This version includes a partially-assembled wooden and plastic Plinko board (with standard prize layout) with pre-installed plastic pegs standing 26 inches tall.

Assembly consists of connecting the wooden board to its stands and screwing the included plastic "zig-zag" sides onto the board. (No front cover is included, and the screw-on sides mean that the board might not sit exactly flush on full installation, so chips have the potential of bouncing off before landing on a prize slot, something that's become a much-maligned feature of the game.)

On the bottom half of the board, plastic slots with LED's and speakers sit atop the prize markings, with a window to recover any Plinko chips. Each slot has its own sensor, allowing the metal-and-plastic Plinko chips to activate the LED's atop the slot it lands on, as well as a sound depending on which slot it lands on (e.g; the "losing horns" for the $0 slot, the "ding ding ding"s for the $10,000 slot, and a short, original fanfare for all other slots). Much like the show, players can only drop one chip at a time to trigger the sensors. After each chip lands (as well as once you turn the game on), a snippet of the theme plays while lighting up alternating slots, before eventually switching to a center-approaching lighting pattern.

Unlike previous home games based on The Price Is Right, this one is intended to be more of a party game rather than a traditional board game. One key feature that showcases this method of play are the new "pricing cards" that come included. Though the traditional Plinko minigame is present, there are multiple others, either entirely original, or based on other The Price Is Right pricing games, intended to be played in 5 Question Rounds to earn as many chips as they can, with play going counterclockwise, as opposed to the traditional format of "one free chip and 4 earnable chips". Occasionally, a card will indicate that it's an "all play", meaning all players answer the question, with the winner earning a chip. The game comes with 50 cards, for a total of 100 minigames.

The Question Round minigames are as follows (AP = "all play"):

Plinko FLAT FRONT .jpg

Video, Computer & Electronic Games[]

In 1990, Gametek released a PC version of The Price is Right for the Commodore 64 and DOS to negative reviews. You can read a review of the Gametek game here.

In 1998, Tiger Electronics released a handheld electronic version of the show and the voice heard saying Come on Down, You're the Next Contestant on The Price is Right! when the game is turned on is believed to be former host Bob Barker.

The Price is Right Tiger Commercial.png


In 2008, Irwin Toys released an electronic tabletop version on the show based on the current Drew Carey era as he appears on it's box cover. This edition is notable for having a miniature version of Plinko on the back. as well as another miniature version of the Big Wheel on its side. Games are chosen using one of the 176 cards included, with prices for each game punched in using the keypad located in the front. Each card is divided into 5 sections. On the top is the "big prize" the player is playing for (money, cars, etc.), while underneath it are the 4 small prizes within the game. The game supports the following:

Also in 2008, Video Game editions of The Price is Right for the Nintendo Wii, DS, and PC were released and all three editions feature the voice over of announcer Rich Fields as he handles announcing and hosting duties.

In 2009, Jakks Pacific released a TV Plug-and-Play version of the show and it features Drew Carey handling the hosting duties and Rich Fields as the announcer despite his voice only being heard when either a cash game comes up (Plinko, Punch-A-Bunch, Grand Game) by saying U have a chance to win up to $10,000/$25,000/$50,000 or a Car game comes up by saying It's a New Car !.

In 2010, a 2nd edition of The Price is Right titled The Price is Right: 2010 Edition was released for the Nintendo Wii, DS, and PC with Rich Fields returning as the voice over Host and Announcer. The only difference is the Nintendo Wii and PC games feature 30 Pricing Games while the DS Gaming console only features 20.

In 2011, a Decades edition of the show was released for the Wii, Xbox360 Kinect, and PS3 Gaming consoles titled Price is Right Decades. Featuring over 40 different pricing games from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the 2000s as well as fun trivia facts and nostalgic bonus clips from the show's amazing history.

Mobile Games[]

Mobliss (2004-2007)[]

In 2004, Mobliss has released cell phone version of TPIR with the famous and long-running pricing games Cliff Hangers and Plinko respectively.

Prior to this, an upgraded version was released in 2007.

Glu Mobile (2008)[]

In 2008, a company called Glu Mobile released an all-new version of TPIR featuring current host Drew Carey on the cover.

Clipwire Games (2021)[]

The app game Bingo Story features a Price is Right-themed minigame to its on-going bingo collection of games. It features the Sheila Cole-era theme song along with an animated version of current Price is Right host Drew Carey.

Online Games[]


an online version of TPIR was released on CBS's official website in the late 90s (which was plugged in the closing credits of each episode) the game consisted which of the four bidders from contestant's row was closest to the actual retail price without going over.

The online game as plugged in the credits at the end of the show.


In 2002, Gamesville powered by Lycos had their own version of TPIR with a chance to win up to $1,000 in cash.

Pacdude Games[]

The online gaming site (designed by Cory Anotado) has released some based on this show (mainly pricing games).

2003 era[]

A online game was released based on Check Game.

A WarioWare-like online game called Lightspeed featured a Cliff Hangers minigame where you must stop Hans/Yodely Guy from reaching the red zone with a space bar.

An online game was released based on Clock Game.

2007 era[]

A sequel called Lightspeed 2 featured a Super Ball!! minigame where you press a meter with a space bar.

2008 era[]

A beta game was centered around TPIR.

2010 era[]

An online game was released based on Plinko.[]

In 2004, released their own online version of TPIR, but only this time under the name of The Hometown Price is Right.


In 2008, an online cash game was released at the time where the goal is to score as many points as possible in three distinct rounds. First, you'll star in contestant's row where you'll need to confirm your player's initial "Thought Bubbles" bid by clicking on matching amounts (ex: If they think $157, then click on all $157 bubbles). Then, you get to play in the pricing games round with either Cliff Hangers, Plinko or Punch-A-Bunch. In that round, you'll need to match three or more pieces vertically or horizontally to change the tile's background color. If at any time you successfully change the color of all the tiles you get extra points. Finally, your qualified in the showcase round where you can help your player make a successful bid by matching two tiles in order to remove them from the board, if at anytime you successfully remove all tiles you receive more bonus points.


In 2021, an online game based on the classic long-running and popular pricing game Plinko was released as The Price is Right Plinko Pegs[1] where you must drop chips down the Plinko board and try to land them in the pockets at the bottom of the board. Before each round, you can selected one upgrade to add to the board or your coins. If you receive additional upgrades to add walls, magnets or special pegs just simply click the board to ensure that you make the most of them.

The Price is Right Plinko Pegs.jpeg

To win you must accomplish a specific goal each round in order to progress to the next round. If you keep adding more upgrades and completing rounds you will earn a high score on the leaderboard.

NOTE: This features the Shelia Cole era theme song.

Facebook Games[]

In September 2010, Ludia released an official Facebook version of TPIR as of which, it only had two million monthly active users after its launch.

A Slots version was released in 2012.

Then, a Bingo version was released in 2013.

DVD Releases[]

In 2005, Endless Games released a DVD edition of The Price is Right. It features screen grabs taken from various Price is Right shows between 2001 and 2005 and featuring Family Game Night and ex-Price is Right Live host Todd Newton as the voice over host.

In 2008, Endless Games released a 2nd DVD edition with Drew Carey appearing on it's box cover. While Carey does appear in the DVD game, Todd Newton does most of the voice over hosting while former Price announcer Rich Fields handles the announcing duties just like on the TV show.

Also in 2008, a DVD complication set featuring 26 "Priceless" episodes were released. The 4-disc DVD set features episodes from the Bill Cullen era as well as the first week of shows (#001xD) from the revamped version of The Price is Right from 1972, episodes from 1973, 1974, and the very first Hour-Long episode from November 3, 1975 (#1661D) and as an added bonus, Host Bob Barker's entire last week of shows from June 11-15 2007 (#403xK).

Slot Machines[]

Various video slot machines have been released in North American casinos by IGT (International Gaming Technology)

Trade Ads[]

Print Ads[]

Social Media Graphics[]

Print Ads[]

Social Media Graphics[]

Posters / Signage[]


And later on by WMS Gaming.

Arcade Games[]

NOTE: These were mostly based on popular pricing games from the show.

Coin Pushers[]

From 2008 until 2009, a 2 Player version based on Plinko and a 6 Player version based on Plinko, Cliff Hangers and Safe Crackers were released by ICE.

Ticket Redemptions[]

An arcade game based on Shell Game was released by ICE in 2011. The only two major differences here than the actual pricing game on the show is that it involves finding a diamond underneath it instead of a pearl and it uses five cups with the current Price is Right logo on it instead of four shells. If successful, then the player would later qualify to spin the big wheel in the Showcase Showdown.

An arcade game based on Plinko was released by Coastal Amusements Inc. in 2019. Player are challenged to drop thier Plinko chip in any one of the nine winner slots. If they time it just right by directly placing the chip towards the "Multi-Chip" or any one of the nine "Megabonus" letters. Multi chips begin to rain down the playfield. For the ultimate win, light up all M-E-G-A-B-O-N-U-S letters.

Lottery Tickets[]

Created by MDI Entertainment and Scientific Games various scratch-off tickets based on TPIR have been offered to several U.S. lotteries featuring some famous and quite long-running pricing game such as Plinko and Cliff Hangers along with the Showcase Showdown and the Showcase as the top prize varies with each version.

Halloween Costumes[]

In 2019, a costume company called Rasta Imposta[1]licensed and released a brand of costumes based on TPIR such as "Contestant's/Bidder's Row", "The Big Wheel" and "Showcase" podiums.

The Price Is Right Store[]

The Price is Right Store.png

In 2011, an official website called The Price is Right Store[1] was made which you can buy anything that was based on TPIR such as a tote bag, coffee mug, military cap and a Drew Carey bobblehead doll.


In 2007, Harper Paperbacks released a "Behind-the-Scenes" book titled Come on Down! Behind the Big Doors at The Price is Right. The Book includes behind-the-scenes photos of the production staff, producers, models, pricing games, and contestants. The Book was written by Stan Blits and includes a foreword written by Bob Barker.

In 2009, Center Street published Bob Barker's Best-Selling memoir Priceless Memories. The retired Price is Right Host shares his memories, his early family life, reminisces of his late wife Dorothy Jo as well as his ling-standing 50-year career in Television and Broadcast. He appeared on the April 6, 2009 (#4701K, aired out of order on April 16) episode of The Price is Right to promote the book and gave away a free copy to the studio audience.

In June 2014, ex-Barker's Beauty Kathleen Bradley released her memoir Backstage at The Price is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty, published by The R Group. Bradley shares her memories, backstage secrets and even some tensed and intense moments she witnessed during her 10 years on the show. She also shares memories of her early life, family, and the memories of her singing with her group The Love Machine. The book is available in either Hard book or Paperback and can be ordered on Kathleen's website: and it's also believed to be a Best-Seller.

Pinball Game[]

In 1994, a rare Tabletop Pinball game was released in order to promote the short-live nighttime syndicated version with host Doug Davidson at the time. The game includes: an electrical cord, a promotional booklet with photos/slides along with three radio jingles on reel-to-reel tapes.

Amazon Alexa[]

In December 2021, Volley Inc. released a skill game version of TPIR for the Amazon Alexa[1]where you play against anyone from around the world or against your family or friends and try to guess the actual prices of items and earn extra points by playing some of the classic pricing games such as Plinko and Showcase Showdown, just to name a few.


Cancelled Games[]

The Great Game Company (1983)[]

An Atari 2600 and Mattel's Intellivision video game based on the 1972 version was going to be released by The Great Game Company in 1983. However, due to the North American video game crash of 1983, it was never made nor released to the public.

Gametek (1988-1992)[]

In 1988, Gametek had released video game versions of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The company had also planned to released a video game version of The Price is Right to the NES as well as versions to the SNES, Sega Genesis and the Sega Game Gear but all versions were shelved.

Phillips Interactive Media (1993)[]

TPIR was planned for the CD-i along with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Name That Tune, Pyramid, The Joker's Wild and The Joker's Wild Jr.. All were released except for Wheel, Pyramid and TPIR.

Silicon Gaming (2000)[]

Due to the mild success of the Family Feud slots at the MGM Grand in 2000, a slot machine game based on The Price is Right was originally going to be released by them and installed at various Harrah's casinos at the time. However, the concepts of the game have segwayed itself as 5 Reel with Plinko, Match Three and Spin & Win Fruity for various online casinos in the UK such as Virgin Casino and Blue Sq Casino.

Endless Games (2008)[]

A Quick Picks travel game with Drew Carey on the cover was promoted in their 2008 catalogue, but the game was never released.