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The Price is Right/Survivor was a prime-time special that was a crossover of Price and the popular reality TV show Survivor.


For this special, host Jeff Probst made a guest star appearance on the show along with nine former castaways from past seasons of Survivor including:

  • Natalie Anderson (Winner of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur)
  • Joe Anglim (Survivor: Worlds Apart and Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance)
  • Rupert Boneham (Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Blood vs. Water)
  • Jeremy Collins (Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, winner of Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance)
  • Cirie Fields (Survivor: Panama - Exile Island, Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favourites and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains)
  • Woo Hwang (Survivor: Cagayan and Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance)
  • Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano (Survivor: Marquesas, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and winner of Survivor: Redemption Island)
  • Kelley Wentworth (Survivor: San Juan Del Sur and Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance)
  • Tina Wesson (Winner of Survivor: The Australian Outback, Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Blood vs. Water)

Each chosen audience member plays alongside a castaway. The contestants played for cash and prizes as usual while their partners played for charity (or charities) of the castaway's choice(s); Each contestant's winnings were matched, totaled and donated in cash to a charity. Instead of Probst saying "The tribe has spoken," when contestants were eliminated in the showcase showdown, the phrase "The wheel has spoken" was used. Naturally, each contestant had a torch similar to that of the show, and when eliminated their torch was snuffed out in a similar fashion to the show.

Appearances Outside of The Price is Right[]

In the Family Guy episode "Screwed the Pooch" from 2001, Peter Griffin becomes a contestant on Survivor but he accidentally trips on half of the set and revealing the set as being of The Price is Right (Barker) since both of them aired on CBS.

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