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The Price is Right/The Amazing Race was a prime-time special where Price did a crossover with the hit reality show The Amazing Race.


For this special, host Keoghan make a guest appearance on the show along with nine former eighteen team contestants from the many past seasons of The Amazing Race including: Leo Temore & Jamal Zadaran (Seasons 23 and 24), Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl (Season 28), Erin Robinson & Joslyn Davis (Season 28), Joey Buttitta & Kelsey Gerckens (Season 27 winners), Nat Strand and Kat Chang (Season 17 winners), William "Bopper" Minton & Mark Jackson (Season 20), Tiffany Chantell Torres & Krista DeBono (Season 27), Brook Roberts & Claire Champlin (Season 17), and Nathaniel "Big Easy" Lofton (Seasons 15, 18, and 24) partners with and play alongside with their fans, the contestants played for cash and prizes as usually while their partners played for charity (or charities) of the celebrity's choice(s). Each contestant's winnings were matched, totaled and donated in cash to a charity. Instead of "I'm sorry, You've both been eliminated from the race," when contestants were being eliminated in the showcase showdown, the episode elimination catchphrase ("You have been eliminated from The Price is Right") was used.

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