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This FAQ section is an attempt to chronicle every major event in the history of The Price Is Right, as well as to list the episodes in the order they were supposed to air in. I once thought that it would never be completed, but a wealth of incoming information in the recent past and for the foreseeable future now seems to suggest otherwise. Not even recent seasons have every single event listed, although we’re always trying to rectify that. Also, data on the correct order of '86 Specials is largely sketchy; they will be assumed to have aired in the right unless concrete information that states otherwise comes to light. Any dates listed as “September*”, “October*”, “November*”, or “December*” refer to the September, October, November, or December in the second year of the season; any dates listed as “June*” or “August*” refer to the June or August in the first year of the season.

Additionally, at the top of each season, you will find a link to a calendar with listing of which games were played on every episode in that season. In the first 15 seasons, many of the episodes are shaded in gray, indicating that the exact order in which the games were played is not known; after Season 15, this occurs only on a small number of pre-empted shows in Seasons 16 and 17. Color codes are present in the calendars to indicate such things as non-car games being played for cars and Most Expensive being played for three trips where they are known. The dates given in the calendars reflect the proper episode order, which is occasionally not the order in which the shows ended up being broadcast on CBS; as such, when using them, it can be helpful to keep this timeline with its list of reschedulings open in another window.

While the 1970s nighttime show is largely outside the scope of this timeline, we nevertheless know all of its game lineups; as such, it seems only logical to provide "calendars" for it, as well. They reside here, hosted as always by Scorpz.

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