The Price is Right 30th Anniversary Special (#0001LV) was a primetime special that aired on January 31, 2002, celebrating its 30th year on CBS. This was the only primetime special AND episode taped outside of Los Angeles, California, as it took place at Harrah's Fabulous Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada. Because of the fact that the theater was so big, a television screen displayed people's names on it. There was no light border for this primetime special, but it otherwise ran the same way as the daytime show, having six pricing games played with two Showcase Showdowns and the Showcase. Clips of moments from past episodes were played when going to commercial (although some weren't played before going to commercial - only a few were played). The music introduction played a different tune that was carried over to The Price is Right $1,000,000 Spectacular which premiered in February 2003.

The set for this special would later be used for The Price Is Right Live!.

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