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The Price is Right 50th Anniversary Special was a primetime special that aired on September 30, 2021 (#047SP), celebrating its 50th year on CBS.


There was a gold light border for this primetime special, but it otherwise ran the same way as the daytime show, having six pricing games played with two Showcase Showdowns and the Showcase. Clips of moments from past episodes were played when going to commercial.

Pricing Games[]

Slot Pricing game Top prize Actual Retail Price Final result Extra note
1 Plinko $250,000 $58,500 For the 50th Anniversary, from the middle to the sides, the values are $50,000, $0, $5,000, $2,500, $1,000. The contestant won five chips and landed exactly one in each of the money values.
2 Back to '72 Trip to Hawaii $11,017 Won Before the game starts, a clip from the first episode of The New Price is Right in 1972 is shown, along with Any Number, the first pricing game played and won.
3 Hole in One (or Two) 1972 Ford Mustang Convertible $27,500 Won A 1972 car was offered because that is the year the current version of the show premiered.

A special guest, Chris O'Donnell, made the inspiration putt from the furthest line and succeeded. Although the contestant managed to sort 5 items correctly and reached the second closest line, she failed her first attempt.

4 Grocery Game Furniture set for living room, bedroom, dining room $10,000 Won Before the game starts, there is a clip showing some malfunctions relating to this game in the past, and some other pricing games.
5 Cliff Hangers A trip to a private island in Belize $30,701 Won
6 Golden Road Electric bike, electric Daymax sports scooter, electric Porsche $103,721 (combined total of $950 for electric bike, $5,621 for Daymax sports scooter, and $97,140 for electric Porsche) Lost (won electric bike and electric Daymax sports scooter, totaling $6,581) Golden Road was played 6th for the first time ever in The Price is Right history.

Before the game starts, there is a clip showing top 10 biggest winners on the daytime version of the show.



  • This was the first anniversary special hosted by Drew Carey.
  • This was the first special to have never used the words "Anniversary Special" in its title unlike the ones from 1996 and 2002 respectively, along with being the first special to carry over its current daytime logo from season 50.
  • This was the second anniversary special to be taped at the famous Bob Barker Studio (a.k.a. Studio 33), twenty-five years ago, the first was for its 25th Anniversary Special in 1996, formerly hosted by Bob Barker.
  • Wheel of Fortune hostess Vanna White has appeared in the special including a clip of her appearance from June 20, 1980. To make up for her not making it up on stage during her first appearance, she models the 6th One Bid prize instead.

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