The Price is Right has had many different logos over the years. The font style used for the show was called "Jazz Gothic” and “Jazz Gothic Alt (for the r’s and g’s) Starting in 2007, the font for the Carey logo was and still is a custom version of Pricedown, respectfully named “Pricedown ‘07”. In the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the opening logo used yellow for the price-down dollar sign and white for the letters. On the doors, the price-down dollar sign and the letters in the word "price" are in yellow while the other letters in the show's title are in red. In 1996 (on the 25th Anniversary Special on August 23, 1996, #0001S, and starting on the 25th Season premiere on September 9, 1996, #0041K), a black shadow was added onto the show's title on the big doors. When the show was on for 30 years on the 30th season premiere (September 17, 2001, #1861K, aired out of order on September 24), the show's logo used the number 30 in red and the word "years" in yellow with blue and yellow streamers. This also happened for the Season 31 premiere (September 23, 2002, #2231K). From September 24, 2002 (#2232K) to June 23, 2006 (#3675K), the big doors had light blue and dark blue triangles forming into a circle with stars all around the show's logo. For the 35th year of the show, blue and green streamers were used. The number 35 was in yellow and the word "years" was in brown of the same font style from the 30 years Price is Right logo. When Drew Carey took over the show in October 2007, the word "price" remained in yellow while the other words from the show's title became white just like from 1975. It also had an orange and red pattern. On the big doors, the show's logo was surrounded by circles. During that time, the show's logo from 1975 was on the turning panel of the turntable; from Season 37 on, only the price-down dollar sign remains. Since the 37th season of the show, the show's logo gets surrounded by checkered squares.


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