The Price is Right Male Model Search was a short-lived reality competition web series where male models try to prove to the panel that they got what it takes to win the contest.


During the episode, the male hopefuls go all out to prove to the panel of expert judges (i.e. Richards, Moakler, Arbelaez, Wilson, Lancaster, Osbourne-Smith, and Reynolds) that they got what it takes in order to be the winner but beyond their good looks and a winning six pack. A sense of humor, charisma and their ability to think on their feet are also essential qualities for the judges as well.

On December 14, 2014; the three finalists would appear on the CBS daytime talk show called The Talk while online voting would begin immediately as it would be up to the faithful viewers in order to decide who would ultimately strut their stuff on stage alongside current host Drew Carey. The winner would be announced on December 8, 2014 as their long stint would begin on December 15, 2014.


  • At the time, the series was created in favor of replacing first male model Rob Wilson playing the character Peter Cortlandt on the short-lived online version of All My Children.
  • The winner was James O'Halloran.



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