The Price is Right Salutes was a six-episode primetime special that saluted the American Armed Forces as well as the Firefighters & Police, in the wake of the September 11th attacks and the war in Afghanistan. The first primetime special since 1996 aired on May 17, 2002 (#001SP) and the last on June 21, 2002 (#006SP, aired out of order on June 27). After the band finishes playing their respective anthem, the original Come on Down cue plays just like on the daytime show. All specials-- except for the Firefighters & Police special on June 21, 2002 (#006SP, aired out of order on June 27) -- contained greetings by troops while going to a commercial.

The turntable was decorated with an American theme with many American symbols such as the U.S. flag, Mount Rushmore, and so on. In addition, to honor our firefighters, police, and troops, host Bob Barker wore a U.S. flag lapel pin on his coat.


Episode # Correct Date Aired Out of Order Date Saluting Theme
#001SP May 17, 2002 N/A U.S. Navy
#002SP May 24, 2002 May 30, 2002 U.S. Air Force
#003SP May 31, 2002 July 12, 2002 U.S. Coast Guard
#004SP June 7, 2002 June 20, 2002 U.S. Marine Corps
#005SP June 14, 2002 June 13, 2002 U.S. Army
#006SP June 21, 2002 June 27, 2002 Firefighters & Police

Note: U.S. Coast Guard episode originally rescheduled for June 6, 2002.

Rule changesEdit

There were slight changes to some of the games in these specials, namely the increase in dollar values for all-cash games:

  • Clock Game-The $1,000 cash bonus is increased to $5,000 in primetime specials from this point onward.
  • Grand Game-The $10,000 cash prize is doubled to $20,000. Therefore, the contestant starts at $2, the money ladder climbs to $20, $200, $2,000 and finally $20,000.
  • Punch-A-Bunch-The $10,000 top prize is increased to $25,000, a change that would later come to daytime in September 2008. However, the frequency is different from the daytime version, with no Second Chance slips. The frequency in primetime specials until 2007 is as follows:
Value Frequency
$25,000 2
$5,000 3
$1,000 15
$500 15
$100 15
  • Showcase Showdown - Getting $1.00 in one spin or a combination of two spins is still worth $1,000 and landing on the green sections (5 or 15) in the Bonus Spin is still worth $5,000 just like on the daytime show, but landing on the $1.00 in the Bonus Spin wins $100,000.


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