The Price is Right at Night: A Holiday Extravaganza with Seth Rogen was a Holiday-themed special where the gravely voiced funnyman Seth Rogen along with his wife Laura Miller Rogen try to raise awareness by inspiring change and accelerating progress in Alzheimer's care, research and support.


In this special, Rogen is playing for a charity called Hilarity for Charity (HFC), the national Alzheimer's non-profit organization that was founded by him and his wife (Laura Miller Rogen) that's dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring change and accelerating process in Alzheimer's care, research and support. As with the Celebrity Week Shows, regular players play for cash and prizes as usual, but when a pricing game is won, the value of the prizes won is put into an accumulating bank equaling a cash donation to the charity. In the second Showcase Showdown, the celebrity takes one spin at the Big Wheel, multiplying the Space hit by 10 ($500-$10,000).


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