The Price is Right at Night: A Holiday Extravaganza with the cast of SEAL Team was a holiday-themed, primetime special where Boreanaz along with some of his fellow castmates from the hit CBS primetime action drama show SEAL Team tries to welcome an audience full of active duty and military veterans.


Series star David Boreanaz and additional cast members from the military-themed action drama series SEAL Team welcome audiences who are full of active duty military and veterans as they play for their charity called Headstrong Project which provides mental health treatments for post 9/11 veterans and their families. As with the Celebrity Week Shows, regular players play for cash and prizes as usual, but when a pricing game is won, the value of the prizes won is put into an accumulating bank equaling a cash donation to the charity. In the second Showcase Showdown, the celebrity takes one spin at the Big Wheel, multiplying the space hit by 100 ($500-$10,000).

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