Walk of Fame was a pricing game based on the world famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was played for four prizes: one worth between $10-$100; one worth between $100-$1,000; and two worth more than $1,000.


  • The contestant was shown the four prizes and then asked to guess the price of the first prize within a certain range above or below the actual retail price. If the contestant was correct, they won the prize, and moved on to do the same for the next, more expensive prize with an increased range allowed.
  • So long as the contestant made correct guesses, the process was repeated for each of the four prizes with an increased range for each prize.
  • If at any point the contestant's guess was outside the required range for a prize, the contestant lost that particular prize. They were given one opportunity to continue the game (unless the wrong guess was on the final prize): Two autograph books filled with the autographs of the show's cast were shown to the contestant, one of which also contained the words "second chance" stamped inside. The contestant chose one of the books; if they chose the one marked "second chance", they continued on with the next prize; otherwise, the game ended, and the contestant kept any prizes they had won. Even if they did not win any prizes at all, they could keep the autograph book they had chosen.


  • In the first playing of Walk of Fame, three autograph books were offered, only one of which was marked "second chance". After Johnny Olson's death on October 12, 1985, the final playings of Walk of Fame made no mention of signatures; Barker simply revealed whether the words "second chance" were found inside.


  • The most number of times this game was played in any season was 18.


  • Walk of Fame's retirement was brought on by increasing inflation; because of it, the game was becoming too hard to win.


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